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Tuesday Jul 17,2018

Happy Birthday Aaron W
E4mom16: Run, RowOverhead Squats 5 x 3 (Tempo)

E4mom16: Run, Row

Each 4:00 for 16:00
(4 Rounds)
500 m Row
    Rx2: 250 m Row
    Rx3: 250 m Row
200 m Run  
    Rx2:100 m Run
    Rx3: 50 m Farmers Carry

*Score = Time of 3rd Round

0% 0%
1st2:58 Holly C Today!
2nd3:09 Jyl Today!
3rd3:17 Lourdes Today!
1st2:27 Scott Shap Today!
2nd2:40 Glen G Today!
3rd3:05 Jeff W Today!

Chris K2:10 Rx2
Scott L3:09 Rx
Lourdes3:17 Rx
Scott Shap2:27 Rx
Holly C2:58 Rx
Jackie3:28 Rx
Jyl3:09 Rx
Glen G2:40 Rx
Wanda2:30 Rx3 100m farmers carry
Jeff W3:05 Rx
Jim L2:11 Rx2 200m runs
Jim E2:14 Rx2 200M runs
Ellen2:23 Rx2 200 and 400 m run
Erin W3:40 Rx
Mercedes3:43 Rx
Mike G3:12 Rx
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Jeff R 7:38pm