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Friday Feb 23,2018

Gymversary Alex Ga-3
Open WOD: Crossfit Open 18.1Other Posted Results

Crossfit Open 18.1

Open WOD: Reps-Rx3
20:00 AMRAP  
8 Toes to Bar  
10 Dumbell Hang Clean and Jerk 50/35  
14/12 Calorie Row  

Knee Ups  
Dumbbell 35/20

Sit ups  
Dumbbell 35/20

Masters Scaled:
Sit ups
Dumbbell 20/10

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1st223 Kari M Today!
2nd166 Maggie Today!
3rd121 Mercedes Today!
1st323 Jordan Today!
2nd297 Roger R Today!
3rd274 Scott Shap Today!

Chris K249 Rx3 30lb DB
Miguel320 Rx2 30 db
Lourdes256 Rx2
Karla C288 Rx3 20lb DB
Jackie270 Rx2
Scott Shap274 Rx 8 + 18
Roger R297 Rx
Glen G272 Rx 8 + 16
Wanda192 Rx3 10# cj; kneeups; 12 cal
Jim E218 Rx3 6 rnds. + 26, 25 lb KB, Knees up
Jim L224 Rx3 14 cal row, 20# cln, ttb and kups
Jonell156  12# DB, knee ups
Jeff W210  Masters Rx: T2B, 35# Dumbell, 14 cal row
Ellen187 Rx3 25#db, t2b progression
Lance H192 Rx masters
Mercedes121 Rx
Kari M223 Rx
Sandra O236 Rx2
Margaret195 Rx2
Bryan R227 Rx
Janet177 Rx2 toes 2 bar, 20# db cleans
Eric M232 Rx2
Maggie166 Rx 5 RDS X 30 + 16reps
Jordan323 Rx
Results Posted: 24