Most Recent Benchmark was Bench Press 1RM on Jun 5,2018 (13 days ago)

Monday Jun 18,2018

Gymversary Beth L-4 & Willie-4

5 2:30 Rnds: BP, PC

5 Rounds
2:30 Amrap
   10 Bench Press
   Max Reps Power Cleans  

*Rest 1:30 between Rounds
**Score = Power Cleans

Rx: 185/105
Rx2: 135/85
Rx3: 95/65

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1st63 2Lourdes Today!
1st53 2Chris K Today!

Chris K53 Rx2
Lourdes63 Rx2
Jose 6:00am
Triple Extension is when your body reaches full extension— your hip, knee, and ankle joints are all open.

The goal of triple extension is to finish as vertical as possible, in both the snatch and clean. You need to be finishing your lift fully-extended, because this will send the bar perfectly vertical when performing your snatch or clean.

A common misconception of triple extension is needing to pull your shoulders too far backward. When you do this, you cause your hips to fly forward, shooting the bar out in front of you, ending in an unsuccessful lift. Your shoulders and momentum should go straight up and at the top of your triple extension your shoulders should be over or slightly in front of the barbell ...and remember to fully extend your hip, knee, and ankle joint before your high pull ~ Coach Linda :)