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Friday Nov 18,2011

Welcome Jeff R & Jyl & Shannon


Signiture: Rounds-Rx3
20 min Amrap
  5 Pull-Ups     Rx2: Bands   Rx3: Rings
  10 Push-Ups (Flash)  
  15 Squats

*Score is total number of completed Rounds

50% 50%
TodayAll Time

Jyl16  red band 10 pushups
Cary Green band
Lauren Wh11  69th Blue band + 2 pushups
Amanda Str blue band
Gavin R10 Rx Plus 5 pull ups and 10 push ups
Lori16 Rx
Juan13 Rx
Sheila10  74th green & red bands, situps instead bws
Jessica J12  push ups from the knees and sit ups
Morgan J blue/green bands
Shannon10  green + 10 push ups
Michelle F10  7 rds red, 3 rds blue + 3 pushups
Al15 Rx
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