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Friday Feb 24,2012

Open 12.1

Open WOD: Reps
AMRAP Seven Minutes of:
Burpees to a 6' Target

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Jason C103 Rx
Jyl82 Rx
Nathan L80 Rx
Gavin R57 Rx
Amy B54 Rx
Susan D73 Rx
Blake M50 Rx
Jim L45  step back
Claudia B36  step back
Athena47  step back
Lori92 Rx at home...not the same alone!
Ken Ho82 Rx
Beny83 Rx
Alex Go94 Rx
Jessica J42 Rx
Jody53 Rx
Haley J76 Rx
Kevin106 Rx
Lauren F90 Rx
Scott Sy95 Rx
Angela Du103 Rx
Bobby K44 Rx At home
Tina P52 Rx
Charles D70 Rx Just Damn....thats all I'm sayin
Christy54 Rx at home
Buster77 Rx
Candice67 Rx
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