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Thursday Mar 1,2012


Signiture: Rounds-Rx3
20 min Amrap
  5 Pull-Ups     Rx2: Bands   Rx3: Rings
  10 Push-Ups (Flash)  
  15 Squats

*Score is total number of completed Rounds

50% 50%
TodayAll Time

Melissa S11  box jump pullups
Adam May10+5 Rx 52nd
John New14 Rx
Jyl20 Rx
Jason C21 + 5 Rx 12th
Dean10 Rx 54th
Stephanie D13 + 7 pushups Rx
Susan D19 + 10 squats Rx 7th
Cary11 +3PU  68th B&G band
Claudia T11  69th green
Bobby K9 + 5 pu + 2 pu  Blk band
Ken Ho13 + 5 pu Rx 40th
Matt K19 Rx 18th
Ashley P18+10 BWS Rx 21st
Laura P14  +4 pu red then both then blue
Ann L12  + 5 red/blue
Jeremy A green band
Jeremy D13+10BWS Rx
Lori17 Rx 11th
Aimee11 plus 5  Blue-red
Alex Go17 + 5 pull ups Rx 24th
Juan18 Rx 23rd lajartijas
Beny14 Rx 38th had tons of fun!!!
Susan U12  blue band
Kate11  + 9 pushups; red band
Daryl12  62nd +5 pull ups; blue band
Kim B11  green band
Mike Pr11  66th green band
Mike R11  red band
Roger G9 3/4  72nd green band
Kathy C16  51st green
Patty14  55th green band
Candice11+3bw  68th green
Al16 Rx 5 pull ups
Charles D18 Rx 23rd not bad for an old dude
Jessica J12 + 4 push ups  Green/blue band pull ups
Denise11  11 rounds + 7 push ups, blue band
Haley J17+10 push ups  47th jumping pull ups
Jesse F23 + 6 pushups Rx
Gavin R12 + 5 pull ups Rx
Lauren F18+10squats Rx 8th
Tommy P11  Green band pull ups
Kevin18 Rx
Scott Sy16 + 6 bws Rx
Amanda Str13  59th red/blue
Buster17 Rx
Cliff12  Green
Jamie C Green band
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