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Wednesday May 9,2012


Signiture: Rounds-Rx3
20 min Amrap
  5 Pull-Ups     Rx2: Bands   Rx3: Rings
  10 Push-Ups (Flash)  
  15 Squats

*Score is total number of completed Rounds

50% 50%
TodayAll Time

Jessica J8 + 5 pull ups  Green band
Jody12 + 5 pull ups, 7 push ups Rx 44th
Amy B14  55th green band
Cary9+3PU  blue band...1st time with blue :-)
Morgan J +1 pullup grteen band for the first time
Blake M7+5pu+10PU Rx FIRST RX PULL UPS WOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephanie D13 + 5 pullups Rx
Jyl21 + 5 pull ups Rx
Susan D18+3 pushups Rx
Sandra R jumping pull ups, push ups form knees
Jim L9 + 8 push ups  blue band
Lance H9 + 5 pull ups  green band
Jerry C8 + 5 pull ups  jumping pull ups
Claudia B jumping pull ups, push ups form knees
Jonell jumping pull ups,
Jason Do5 + 5 pull ups  79th jumping pull ups
Diana9 + 10 push ups  75th jumping pull ups, push ups form knees
Ali13 +10 push ups  56th red/blue band
Joshua WRx 58th
Jeremy D16+6bws Rx
Andrew D11+10Push Ups Rx 49th
Heather O10  green
Shannon11 + 3 squats  Green
Ann L17  49th blue band kips!
Laura P17 Rx +5push ups
Jesse F14 Rx 20 lb weight vest
Linda W16 +5 pull ups  red band (almost there w/my pull up!)
Ruthie8+10pushups, 2 squats Rx 33rd
Liv14 Rx
Mike W13 + 5 pullups + 10 pushups Rx 39th
John New16 + 5 pull ups & 6 push ups Rx
Patty11, green strap 
Sharon G8 + 13 squats  bar pull-ups
Tina P18 Rx
Kate8 + 3 pullups Rx 34th
Susan U13 +2 pullups Rx 22nd
Kim B12 + 7 squats  red&blue band
Torre11  blk bnd
Mike R9 + 4 squats Rx 56th
Ben M13 + 5 push ups Rx 40th no kip swing
Anil17 Rx
beverly14 + 5 pull ups anjd 5 push ups  54th green band pull ups
Jorge L5 +5 pull ups 10 push ups and 4 squats  78th green band pull ups
Sam10 + 10 pu 5 squats  71st green/red bands
Christy11  69th green blue bands
Ronnie18+25 Rx
Buster18 Rx 5 PU + 5 pushup
William BRx 57th +5pullups +10 push ups
Gavin R13 + 4 push ups Rx 41st
Melissa B12 + 5 pullups  grn
Angela Du22 + 9 squats Rx
Jamie C11 + 10 push ups  Jumpimg pull ups
Tommy P12 +5 pull ups  Jumping pull ups
Denise12 + 5 pull-ups  red band
Marlene12 + 5 pull ups and10 push ups  Green band
Jim C7 + 5 pull ups + 10 push ups  Green Band
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