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Thursday Nov 15,2012

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Hero: Blake

Hero: Time-Rx3
4 Rounds
  100 ft Overhead Lunges  45/25
      Rx2: 25/10
      Rx3: Bodyweight
  30 Box Jumps 24/24
      Rx2: 20/18
      Rx3: Step-ups
  20 Wall Balls 20/14
      Rx2: 14/10
  10 Handstand Push-Ups
      Rx2: Plate + Mat
      Rx3: L-Sit DB Press

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Karen G27:33  handstands
Blake M41:53  45#&15# hspu...........FML i almost died.never going on vacation again :(
Lance H25:37  45# / 24' box / Reg push up
Mimi27:05  10# ball 18 box
Laura P29:52 Rx some kipping hspu
Christine F28:25 Rx hung w the boys today 45lb plate 24 box jump 20lb wallball
Linda W36:08 Rx 45#plate, 24''bj, 20#wb, hspu can suck my a$$
Melissa S32:30  18 bj, md hspu
Matt K27:49  2 plates for HSPU
Lisa S29:05  1 rnd 14# rest10#, 18 in
Mike G35:16  25# plates side by side and abmat
Shane D28:57  45+abmat
Thomas S34:03 Rx
Trina37:54 Rx kipping hspu
Trisch40.34  25lb, 101lb lunges, 18in box, 14lb wb, mod hs pu, 2.5 rounds
Matthew L43:20  10lb wb, box pushups, 12 inch box, 2rds with 15# lunges, 2rds no weight
Ken Ho36:36 Rx 30' box
Diana20:02  step-ups back lunges 20 each leg 20 inch hspu 10 lb wall balls
Debbi29:36  bx hs 15# plate
William B36:10 Rx
Melissa B39:10  45# plate hspu
Robert H29:38  modified pushups, walking lunge
Heather O43:04  25# lunges round 1&2, assisted lunges round 3&4; plate hspu
Corey B35:55 Rx
Scott Sy21:53 Rx 24' bj, 20# wb, 45#plate, hspu from floor
Bobby S28:55  box hspu
Nathan J29:39 Rx ab mat hspu
Tommy P33:20  Box HSPU
Stan28:33  20 inch box jump, box hspu, 25# weight for 1 rep, none after
Jim C30:45  45# plate hspu, rx on rest
Jessica J35:46  Last round hspu on 24' box
Denise32:44  18' box, box hspu
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