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Wednesday Dec 12,2012


Girl: Time-Rx3
  Thrusters 95/65
         Rx2: 65/45
         Rx3: 55/35
         Rx2: Band
         Rx3: Ring Rows

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Kaci9:07 Rx
Wendy11:15  45#, red/blue bands
Lyn9:22  45# black band
Bryan H11:12  75# red bands
Michelle F10:52 Rx 21st
Chad C17:17  104th 65lbs / Blue/Red bands
John T15:21  Red Band PU
Tabatha10:29  45#, blue band
Bobby K16:49  Blu band
Christine F5:48 Rx 5th
Laura P6:09 Rx
Morgan J10:55  65# red/blue band
Lauren F5:48 Rx 5th 1min 31sec PR!
Jessica J13:45  65# red/blue band
Jim L10:11  45#, BLUE BAND
Claudia B10:54  15LB, SITTING PU
Lance H10:38 Rx
Sarah Mc5:51  45lbs, blue band
Lisa S6:19  51st 45#, red/blue band
Shane D6:44 Rx 1st rnd thrusters unbroken! New PR
Christy6:43  55th 65 thruster for 28, then 45 accidently :-( g/r band
Mike G3:58 Rx 8th PR... a time lost for the ages never to be seen again
Lori6:35 Rx 8th
John New5:04 Rx
Gia10:06  87th 35lbs, 6 pu's last set
Craig H8:46 Rx
Bryan B3:58 Rx 3rd crossfit workout
Shannon14:58  Blue band
Melissa B16:05  45#
William B13:35 Rx
Torre9:22  87th grn bnd
Ken Ho11:25 Rx 62nd
Thomas S7:14 Rx 37th
Nathan J7:58 Rx PR by 3:17 from 10/6!
Robert H9:57  91st learning thruster
Melissa S7:56  Grn bnd
Ryan S7:21  82nd 45lb
Grace P9:49  86th 25lb thrusters/green/purplebands 21/15/9
Buster5:34 Rx 20th
Ronnie4:22 Rx New PR
Bobby S9:29 Rx Huge PR!
Erin J7:45  69th 45LB, GR AND BL BAND
Brian St12:22 Rx TERRIBLE....
Jesse F3:28 Rx 7th
Kathy C8:29  73rd 35 red
Jamie C10:30  Blue band, 65#
Denise11:28  45#, red band pu
Matt K7:01 Rx 36th PR 1:10 faster
Josiah18:02  105th blue band 75 lb
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