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Monday Jan 28,2013

Welcome Jim E


500 meter Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit-Ups
20 Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups           Rx2: 43' Ring Rows

75% 25%
TodayAll Time

Bryan H5:46 Rx
Lyn6:03  black band
Tabatha5:47  red band
Bekah5:19  blue
Dana Martine6:47  blue bnd
Wendy6:57  blue band
Paul Br6:17 Rx
Chad C7:20  blue bands
John T6:23 Rx
Jyl4:27 Rx
Laura P4:37 Rx 28 seconds better
Lacy5:54  mod p/u
Lance H5:01 Rx
Jim L6:24  red band
Jim E7:02  green band
Jerry C8:38  pull green band
Stan7:51  grn band p/u
Susan J8:36  Green/Red band
Gabrielle8:11  red band
Sandra R9:22  red/green bands
Claudia B9:26  red/green bands
Trina8:20 Rx
Mike G4:38 Rx
Scott Sy3:57 Rx
Lisa S6:07  those darn bands
Justin M6:04 Rx
Diana5:37  Bar Pullups
Shawn La7:04  green blue band
Craig H4:44 Rx
Kim K6:49  skinny red and green band.
Lori4:45 Rx
Nilma5:48  red band
Sarah Mc7:18 Rx
Billy4:37 Rx
Ryan M3:47 Rx
John New3:45 Rx
Gene4:18 Rx new pr!
Matt K4:38 Rx
Laura S6:06  blue band on pullus
Melissa S5:05  blu/rd bnds
Buster4:33 Rx
Sharon G6:35  jumping pullups
Kim B5:45  red band
Grace P6:51  500row/40sq/30su/20pu/10plupred/blue
William B5:51 Rx
Chris Harm7:14 Rx
Tammie7:10 Rx
Tricia7:54  Green and Blue bands on pull ups
Gina7:20  darn blue band
Corey B3:54 Rx 4:11 on 2nd try
Jeremy D4:45 Rx
Kaci4:50 Rx 1:43 faster and 1st time Rx!
Tommy P4:57 Rx
Jeff Hel5:05 Rx
Jessica J7:20  red/blue band
Heather O5:10 Rx
Charles D4:47 Rx OLD EFFERS RULE!!!
Michelle F5:40 Rx 1ST TIME TOTALLY RX!!!!!
Bobby S5:00 Rx
Nathan J3:55 Rx
Cat4:54  r/b band
Kathy C5:39  redb pull up
Chris W4:40 Rx Coach ok'd PU,but they were shakey
Katie Ba6:10  red & blue bands
Heather C7:10  pull ups with bar
Jessica Ga5:40  Green Band
Erin J6:18  red/green band
Brian St5:00 Rx
Jesse F3:45 Rx
Jenn6:10 Rx
Cliff6:16 Rx
John P5:27 Rx
Mike Pa6:50  crunches-back still inj but improving
Jamie C6:25  blue band
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