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Monday Apr 8,2013

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Girl: Time-Rx3
For Time
3 Rounds
400m Run
21 KBS (American) 53/35
     Rx2: 35/26
     Rx3: 26/35
12 Pull-Ups
     Rx2: Strict Banded
     Rx3: Ring Rows

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Melissa S13:17  blu bnd
Chris S14:30 Rx
Bekah17:35 Rx first time with helen and RX... stupid time. + c/o
Paul Br14:27  Red Band on Pull-Ups
Wendy18:11  35# kb, blue band for pu's, plus ran 1 mile
Jim C16:32 Rx
Kristi R18:49  RX all but pull ups i did jump pull ups
Trina17:05 Rx
Cliff19:00 Rx
Lyn16:38  Black band pu
Jamie S18:58  Green band on pull ups
Jyl11:12 Rx
Lance H11:36 Rx
Jim L13:30  35#kbs red band pull up
Jonell17:27  20' kb, green/red band pu
Stan15:58  35# KB, blk band pu
Karen L19:34  15# kb, bar pu
Sandra R18:28  20#kb, red/green bands
Claudia B18:13  15#kb, jpu
Glen B11:16 Rx
Scott Sy8:25 Rx
Sarah Mc11:46 Rx
Ryan F8:45 Rx Thanks for pushing me Scott. This was my first Helen
Bobby S11:22 Rx
Kim B11:47 Rx
Tammie17:50 Rx
David V12:10 Rx
Susan J16:37  #25 kb, black band
Kyle N10:20 Rx
Josh R13:56 Rx
Sharon G18:19  black band
Torre19:29 Rx 1st rx helen
Corey B9:25 Rx
Ronnie8:20 Rx
Laura P9:50 Rx
Karen G10:35  blue and red band
Billy12:09 Rx
Jeff Hel13:28 Rx
Jessica J17:37  red blue band
Morgan J17:25 Rx first RX Helen!!
Katie Ba14:40  red/blue bands
Melissa B19:15 Rx
William B18:16 Rx
David Bag15:15  35# red band
Craig H9:50 Rx
Kim K20:00  skinny red and green bnd
Gavin R12:02 Rx First time Butterfly in a WOD
Shane D11:58 Rx
Erin J14:33  rx kb, rd n bl band
Thomas S8:51 Rx all sets unbroken
Nathan J8:48 Rx all unbroken
Jenn12:11 Rx
Jessica Ga11:09  Green/Red Band, #35 KB
Linda W12:23 Rx Some days are just like that :/
Heather C18:10  jumping pu - 36# kb
Gina13:33 Rx 1st time Helen. I suck at running!!!!
Marlene13:57  Run, 35# KB, G band
Shannon13:58  blue band some, red band some
Ken Ho15:40 Rx
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