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Wednesday Jun 19,2013

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Signiture: Time-Rx3
For Time
21-15-9 reps of
Deadlifts 225/155
     Rx2: 155/95
     Rx3: 95/65
Handstand Push-Ups      
     Rx2: 1 plate + 1 abmat
     Rx3: Flash Push-ups

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Heather C7:51  99th 125# dl - hspu from box
Shawn11:27  111st 165#
Amy L10:00  121st 125#
Wendy12:52  135# dl; hspu w/45# plate & abmat
Kyle N15:00  119th Ab Mat + 45 lb plate hpu
Andreas13:14  Abmat + 45#plate
Stephanie D15:23  135# RX hspu
Terri19:06  155# DL, handstand holds.
Anthony R13:01  116th 185# DL, hand stand holds- shoulder
Angie F13:09 Rx That was not pretty
Lyn12:50  126th 135# dl, headstand
Jyl11:15 Rx
Jessica J11:35  RX weight and 45 and 25 plate and ab may hspu
Nick K8:15  94th 25kb hspu
Jerry C6:00  24in b0x pu
Jim L4:36  115# box hspu
Jim E6:18  115 lb dl, head stands
Sandra R12:22  75#, headstands
Susan J8:10  75#DL Head stands
Eileen R9:30  117th Modified
Mike G5:41 Rx 13th new pr by ~ 7 min
Lisa S11:18  115# handstands
Shannon12:29  Rx weight and handstands--new PR for me by more than 5 minutes
Shane D11:43  185#, abmat
Julie Se8:08  101st 95# DL, 45#plate and ab mat HSPU
Cliff8:42  96th 185, 25+abmat
Kaci9:13 Rx Need to work on consecutive hspu
Scott Sy4:53 Rx 9th
Bryan B2:52 Rx 2nd
Diana3:58  95# 20 in box hsps
Kristen Z11:32  124th 95 ibs, handstands
Melissa S8:56  155#, 45#/15#/ab mat hspu
Kim B12:19  155#, 45#/10#/ab mat then just handstands
Gina13:12  155# for 7 then 145#; ab mat and 45# plate for hspu and just handstands for part of second round and last round
Amy H11:45  105 DL / headstand
Sharon G15:25  125#, headstands, slow but first unassisted headstands!
Corey B12:20 Rx
Chris W14:54 Rx 45th
Mariah4:53  62nd 65# handstand w/weight and mat
Nathan J5:17 Rx
Erin J6:27  76th Headstands, 105#
Andrea D5:30  64th 105# + 2plts&abmat hspu
Andrew P4:54  80th 155#, 45#plt+mat hspu
Buster9:46 Rx
Hannah H5:45  68th 65 lb burpees
Morgan J12:02  155# 45+15# plates HSPU
Tabatha15:07 Rx
Bryan H12:27  Rx weight- hspu w/ 25# plate
Jessica Ga8:16  #135, HSPU
Marlene8:41  135#,handstand
Kathy C7:58  75 hspu from box
Katie Ba8:57  95lb, 2 25# plates hspu's - barely and only about half
Craig H6:42 Rx 22nd slow to protect sore back
LuVon9:30  117th burpees
Angela Du5:03 Rx no pr today but a good workout
Beth J12:30  65 lb, headstands
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