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Monday Jun 24,2013

Happy Birthday Kari D
Signiture: CINDYCardio: 1 Mile Run


Signiture: Rounds-Rx3
20 min Amrap
  5 Pull-Ups     Rx2: Bands   Rx3: Rings
  10 Push-Ups (Flash)  
  15 Squats

*Score is total number of completed Rounds

50% 50%
TodayAll Time

Debbi13 Rx
Wendy12  blue band
Heather C 72nd ring pull ups
Kyle N17 Rx 22nd + 5 Pull Ups
Billy17+4 Rx 21st
Jim C13+5+10 Rx 33rd
John T13 + 5 Rx 34th
Glen G17 +5 Rx
Lance H11 + 12 sq Rx
Ryan F21 + 14 Rx 9th
Cliff11 Rx 43rd +5
Nick K18 rounds Rx 20th Masters
Wanda8 rounds  Modified pull ups
Sandra R8 + 5  71st red/green bands
Claudia B8 + 5  71st red & green band
Jerry C10 plus 5 pu  61st masters
Lyn 72nd Blue/green band
Jonell8 plus 5  green band
Jim L12+10 Rx 40th
Jim E375  purple band
Mike G21 + 8 Rx
Craig H21 + 4 Rx 12th
Sarah Mc15 + 3 Rx 14th
Julie Se14  green band
Leslie14  red band
Eileen R5 Green and blue band  74th Baseline- first Cindy
Terri10  66th Black band
Kim B14+13 squats Rx 15th
Tammie10  66th purple band
Sharon G12  58th Whoo Hoo! Graduated to green/red band, real squats!!
Mariah13  stupid blue band ughhhh get over it
Jessica J13  55th Red/blue band
Kevin20 Rx 15th + 3 pushups
Kaci17+2 Rx 8th hands RIPPED!!! + 1 mile run c/o
Bryan B22 + 4reps Rx 7th
Landon16 Rx 24th
Karen G12+5reps  57th 5 rnds rx rest w blue band
Corey B25 + 5 Rx 3rd
Kim K green band
Nathan J23 + 8 reps Rx 4th
Ryan M21 Rx 13th
Gene21 + 20 Rx 8th
Bobby S15 Even Rx
Katie Ba13  blue band
Erin J10+5  65th bl/rd band
Morgan J10 Rx 29th
Nicole P12+10  56th Green Band
Chris W15 Plus 16 reps Rx 26th
Buster17 Rx + 12
Jeff R24 + 5 Rx
Jenn15 rds 5 PU  49th blue ball(:
Jessica Ga17  46th R/B Band
Tommy P13 + 10 Rx
David V14 + 15 Rx 29th
Charles D16 Rx
Jamie C12 + 15  Green band
Blake M14 Rx 18th
Beth J8 +5  blue band
Nathan R10 + 11  60th red & blue band
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