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Monday Jul 22,2013

Girl: FranCashout: 100 DU's w/Brp PenaltyComp: COMP 7.22.13Comp: PC, Brp, WB, FPU


Girl: Time-Rx3
  Thrusters 95/65
         Rx2: 65/45
         Rx3: 55/35
         Rx2: Band
         Rx3: Ring Rows

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Wendy10:41  55#, blue band
Paul Br10:50  104th Rx2 (65#) on Thrusters, Blue Band on PU
Gary H13:45  112nd push press w/ 45#, green band
Debbi9:16  35# bar bl/red band
Angie F5:34 Rx PR - improved my time by 4 minutes
Kyle N7:40 Rx
Anthony R9:45 Rx 58th 1st ever RX of Fran. Happy Anniversary to me!
Jim C11:09  105th 75#
Andreas13:52 Rx 74th w/ 20# vest
Jessica J9:56  45#. Red/blue band
Shane D6:38 Rx 1st-11/10, 2nd-5/5/5, 3rd-6/3
Cliff13:32 Rx 73rd
Jerry C6:12  90th Masters
Kristi B5:14  52nd 25# Thrusters; gn/rd band
Wanda7:03  25 # masters
Stan10:43  55#,blue n grn band
Karen L7:25  74th 25#, ring pu
Sandra R8:35  88th red/green bands, 25#
Claudia B8:53  91st red/green bands, 25#
Jim L6:19  45#
Jim E5:42  88th purple band
Hunter6:15 Rx 31st
Scot11:43  107th rx2
Susan J7:58  25#, green/red bands
Gina12:30  Almost RX- used a band on the last 16 pu
Amanda A9:38  65# but blue band pu
Katie Ba8:27  45# purple band
Kim B13:12 Rx 29th
Mariah6:58  65th 45# no band
David V8:38 Rx 54th
Tammie11:26  55lbs green band
Sharon G13:03  55#, red/gr bsnds
Corey B6:29 Rx 1 min slower than last time :(
Melissa B8:48  45#, purple band
Linda W5:49 Rx
Laura P5:00 Rx
Kaci5:32 Rx 5th PR, last time was 9:07
Mike C5:12  51st 65#
Michelle F11:29 Rx 1st rx fran!!!!!!!
Kim K9:19  95th 45#, green and red band
William B12:51 Rx 72nd
Benjamin B16:47  114th Rx2 weight, blue band
Ronnie6:25  Burpee over bar for pu
Buster5:35 Rx
Nathan J5:37 Rx 12/9 21 8/7 8/7 5/4 5/3/1. fell apart at the end.
Chris W9:04 Rx 55th
Christopher10:38  102nd RX2 and GRN Bnd
Nicole P11:55  111st 1ST TIME PU NO BAND!! 55# for 13, 45#
Andrew P8:49 Rx pr
Tommy P12:47 Rx
Kevin5:56 Rx
Brian St15:24 Rx I fought, she won. 2rnd TKO. 4:44 rd 1
Tom T8:40  #65, green bnd
Katie H12:30 #45  green band
Jenn8:49  89th 55lb & red band...yikes/:
Beth J11:40  35# and blue band
Morgan J10:45  105th 45# blue/red bands (nursing sprained back)
Blake L12:33  95#, green band
Leslie7:27  75th 45 lb blue /green band
Jamie C20:29  1st time Rx thrusters, 21 Rx p/u's. slow but better
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