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Friday Jul 26,2013

Hero: SmallCashout: 2 Minute Handstand HoldAWL: AWL 13.9Hero: Small AWL: FPU, HC, RROther Posted Results


Hero: Time-Rx2
1000 m Row                    Mstrs: 750 m Row
50 Burpees                      Mstrs: 30 Burpees
50 Box Jumps 24/20         Mstrs: 30 Step ups
800 m run                        Mstres: 600 m Run

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Kyle N14:50 Rx
Gina17:56 Rx Shaved off 5:08 since last time
Wendy23:29  18 inch box
Jason J19:34  18' bj
Debbi27:14  12' bx
Nate17:44 Rx
Jyl16:40 Rx
Jim C25:41  20box, not enough sleep
Jason C16:10 Rx
Beth J22:18 Rx
Stan20:55  30 burpees, 30 12 inch bj
Jerry C20:26  Masters 60 sit up no burpees
Jim L15:46  masters Rx
Jim E16:43  masters
Jonell21:46  Masters 30 9' box jump, 30 Burpee,
Karen L22:40  15 burpees, step ups, 500 m run
Susan J21:44  masters 30 brps and 30 12 inch bj
Ronnie13:45 Rx
Hunter12:35 Rx
Mike G15:19 Rx 500 - 1:32.2; 1000 - 3:27 - box jumps :(
Laura P15:40 Rx pr row
Leslie17:03  12 inch box
Jeff Hen19.25  20 ' box
Daniel B17:30 Rx
Scot22:34  20 in box
Scott Sy14:28 Rx 1st Round of 3 (Full SMALL)
Craig H15:06 Rx 1st round of 3 (Full SMALL)
Denise19:46 Rx
Dana Martine24:15  18in
Kim B16:44 Rx
Scoop19:36 Rx
Sharon G26:16  20 in step ups
Wanda26:17  masters 1000m 5:51
Tommy P20:46 Rx
Michelle F19:31 Rx
Shannon22:08 Rx
Mariah18:36 Rx
Melissa B22:56  18' box
Kaci15:41  RX everything, 1st round (full hero:small), run on treadmill - Atl Fitness
Gillian20:39 Rx
Grace T18:38 Rx
Tom T19:04  18'BxJ, 800 Row
William B24:27 Rx
Nathan J14:28 Rx 1st round of small
David V18:47 Rx
Nicole P18:46 Rx
Katie H17:49 Rx
Marlene18:20  Row, 20' step up
Brian St8:03  500m/30 burpees/30 box 400m
Neal8:46  Fundamental 500m rw, 30 burp, 30 bx (24), 400m run
Cliff10:50  fundamental
Blake L19:23 Rx
Jamie C22:19  20' box, add. 800m after WOD
Results Posted: 53