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Tuesday Aug 20,2013

Strength: HS: 5 x 3DU, PSComp,Hero: PaulAWL: AWL 15.1AWL: 15-10-5

HS: 5 x 3

Strength: Weight
5 Rounds
3 Unbroken Hang Snatch
-Rest 2:00 Between Rounds

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Wendy45 Rx
Tabatha70 Rx
Ronnie155 Rx
Buster165 Rx
Glen G135 Rx
Bryan H135 Rx
Anthony R105 Rx New pr by 30#
Lance H125 Rx
Gavin R125 Rx
Andreas135 Rx Still recovering from the weekend:(.
Jyl75 Rx
Susan J25 Rx
Mike G125 Rx pr
Joshua W95# Rx
Blake M85 Rx
Gene155 Rx
Jamie S175 Rx
Lisa S55 Rx Couldn't get under 65# :(
Tom T95 Rx working on form.
Bobby K105 Rx 115 x 2
Julie Se65 Rx my first time doing the hanging snatch, kept the weight light and focused on technique.
Scoop135 Rx
Sharon G55 Rx still trying to dial in that form
Shannon55# Rx form sucks...working on it
Corey B115 Rx
John New145 Rx
Leslie45 Rx
Tommy P135 Rx
Brian St125# Rx
Kaitlin#45 Rx
Jeff R170 Rx HSS
Christy50 Rx 35 45 45 45 50
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