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Monday Sep 9,2013

Girl: HelenComp: Overhead LadderOther Posted Results


Girl: Time-Rx3
For Time
3 Rounds
400m Run
21 KBS (American) 53/35
     Rx2: 35/26
     Rx3: 26/35
12 Pull-Ups
     Rx2: Strict Banded
     Rx3: Ring Rows

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TodayAll Time

Kyle N9:41 Rx
George J8:55  35lbs. kettle bell
Terri19:18  green band pu
Michael I17:45  green band
James J15:30  black band
Dan E16:29 Rx
Angie F8:34 Rx
Wendy17:32  skinny black band for round #1, blue band for 2&3; plus cashout
Buster9:29 Rx
Andreas14:33 Rx
Amy B6:50  greenband
Jyl10:23 Rx
Lance H12:15 Rx
Michele15:40  last 5 pull ups w band
Claudia N12:56  green belt and 10lbs
Tom N14:52 Rx
Jim L12:24  35# kb all other Rx
Jerry C17:40  35# kb rest rx
Jim E15:30  35 lb, masters
Jonell19:52  18 lb. kb, green band
Debi21.00  masters 18 lb kb, 400 mt row, ring pulls
Sandra R19:33  20lb kb, masters
Mike G8:50 Rx pr by ~ 50 seconds
Julie Se16:53  Jumping PUs
Lisa S11:50  Red/blue bands
Paul Br21:14 Rx Rx Today - was at 35# KB and Red Band on PU in April
John New8:40 Rx
Bennett11:59 Rx +co
Josh P11:31 Rx
Sharon G16:28  just gr band! Graduated from gr/rd and PR'd!!
Melissa S12:26  grn bnd, cash out
Kim B12:28 Rx
Shannon16:32  RX KB, blue band SLOWER than last time...poo
Corey B10:24 Rx
Michelle F13:21 Rx
Nathan J8:53 Rx 5 seconds slower, good workout though.
Janet11:58  30 lb. kb, green band for pull-ups
Jenn12:23  PU attempts + CO
Kaitlin14:03  #35 kb,blue band
Bobby S11:27 Rx + one minute from last time, WTH
Jeff Hen14.13  green band pu
John Re9:11 Rx Off time killed cardio!...
Nicole P14:32 Rx
Andrew P9:30 Rx good runs, slow kb
John T13:24 Rx
Mariah15:20 Rx SHITTY
Katie H16:31  #35 KB Black Red Bands
Tom T14:09 Rx
Jamie C15:06 Rx Rx on a signature WOD! YEAH!!!!
Beth J16:05  26 KB, red band, cash out
Kathy N16:45  #35, green band
Callie15:01  Green/red ban, 26 lb kb
Marlene14:02  Green band, First and second round Row, last round run.
Neal18:21  purple band...only 2nd workout in 2 weeks after another back injury...53lb KB may have been to much
Results Posted: 55