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Monday Sep 23,2013

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500 meter Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit-Ups
20 Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups           Rx2: 43' Ring Rows

75% 25%
TodayAll Time

Melissa S5:07  rd/bl bnds
Dan E6:10 Rx PR
Michael I5:57  PR; green band
Debbi6:18 Rx
George J4:25 Rx
Wendy6:33  skinny black band for pu's; plus cashout
Terri6:31  green band skinny blc
Chris O7:38  red,green band
Corey B4:15 Rx
Glen G4:49 Rx
Trisch7:42  red and blue band
Jim C6:56 Rx
Brittain5:24 Rx
Bobby K6:02  pur\rd band
Jyl4:46 Rx 19 sec slower been on a cruise all week. enough said. ha
Shane D5:16 Rx
Cat5:25  br band pu
Heather C9:42  ring pull ups
Lance H4:36 Rx
Jim L5:01 Rx
Kristi B7:13  gn and red band pullups
Ryan F4:13 Rx PR by 1:38
Jim E5:31 Rx
Stan6:39  blk band pu
Jonell8:01 Rx
Debi8:42  green & red band
Karen L8:42 Rx
Susan J7:27  grn/red band
Jamie S8:18 Rx
Lori4:55 Rx
Kristen D7:24  + Cash Out, green band pullups
Nathan R6:53  green band pu
Lisa S6:34  band pullups-pull-ups were ugly
Eileen R8:20 Rx Back after 5 weeks.
Wanda9:45  ring pull ups knee push ups
Gary L7:06  green
Kari P5:34  blue
Jeff R3:50 Rx
Nathaniel3:42 Rx
Jeremy He3:50 Rx
Craig H4:01 Rx
Linda W4:13 Rx
John New3:45 Rx Same exact time as last time
Megan W5:03  Green Band
Billy4:25 Rx
Lyn6:34  Purple/ red band
Torre6:38  jumping pu
Tommy P5:05 Rx
Sharon G5:49  gr/skinny red band - PR + c/o
Kim B5:47 Rx + cash out
Frank R4:15 Rx
Kaitlin5:13 Rx
Kaci4:33 Rx PR! by 17 secs
Josh P4:18 Rx
Gavin R7:09  red band
Shannon7:09  red band-slowest one YET!
Nathan J4:03 Rx + cash out + 2 mile run
Bryan B3:47 Rx
Michelle F5:19 Rx
Jeff Hel4:36 Rx
Christopher7:15  red band
Marissa5:42  red and blue band pullups
Tracy R5:32  red and blue band pullups
Tom T5:09 Rx co 25# ^
Bennett4:48 Rx +co
Gillian5:47 Rx
Melissa B5:47 Rx
Jamie C5:14 Rx PR, 1st time Rx, then CO
Bobby S4:54 Rx + Cash Out
Mariah4:46 Rx 1st baseline
Nicole P5:50 Rx PR
John T5:31 Rx
Kathy C5:13 Rx
Jenn5:37  pu attempts../:
Daniel B4:13 Rx PR
Neal5:05  ppl band plus c/o, green and 9:46 last time
Katie H6:14  skinny redblk band
Blake L4:46 Rx
Kathy N6:18  Green band
Nate5:06 Rx PR! by 2:11 & RX
Buster4:43 Rx
Randy5:35 Rx small blue band pullups
Beth J6:43  Blue band
Marlene5:31  small blue and purple band. + Cash Out.
Mike Pa5:44  ring pu
Jessica Ga5:18  G/R Band
Results Posted: 86