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JoseJan 29,2018
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Friday Nov 8,2013

Signiture: DIANEAWL: AWL 17.6Comp: Cln & C2B Ladder x 2Burpee Muscle Ups


Signiture: Time-Rx3
For Time
21-15-9 reps of
Deadlifts 225/155
     Rx2: 155/95
     Rx3: 95/65
Handstand Push-Ups      
     Rx2: 1 plate + 1 abmat
     Rx3: Flash Push-ups

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Tabatha6:30 Rx 7th improved time by almost 9mins
Wendy9:07  112nd 135# dl; hspu w45#plate&abmat (almost 4 min off my time) plus cashout
Angie F8:59 Rx Improved time by 4+ minutes/ stadium run c/o
Terri8:36  104th 155# DL, half hspu, half fpu
Michael I6:50  84th flash pu
Dan E11:01 Rx 40th Sore from doing this 3 days ago
Randi9:27  114th 75 lb, flash pu
Melissa P13:00  125th 50lb box pushups
Andreas7:34  45lb plate and abmat
Bryan H5:45  81st 225# w/ flash pu (shoulder)
Stan11:00  107th rx2, 185# dl, flash pu
Lance H10:48  rx 2 315# dl flash pu
Jerry C8:10  135# dl flash pu
Kristi B7:15  75lbs flash pushups
Jim E8:50  135 lb, hand stands
Jim L6:10  135# flash push ups
Debi12:27  123rd 35# dl knee flash
Susan J8:46  85# DL Headstands
Nate5:26  80th 185#dl; flash pu
Lisa S9:46  117th 125#, plate and ab mat, last 40 didn't go down to mat, 90 sec PR with weight increase
Blake L17:05 Rx 47th
Jamie C9:46  185 DL, range of motion on HSPU's needs work.
Kaci4:23 Rx
Tom T14:22  225# DL; 45#plate and ab mat on HSPU
Sharon G13:08  125# dl, headstands, PR by 2:17!!
Jessica Go8:11  100th 95#dl, 18boxhspu
Nathan J4:12 Rx PR by 1:05
John New6:29  155#
Linda W7:59 Rx
Bobby S9:09  185 DL, PU
Katie H8:32  103rd #95 dl, plate/ab mad kip PU
Andrew P9:49  rx 1 rnd, plate/mat last 2 rnds
Marlene8:20  155# dl, headstands
Kelly U6:50  83rd 85#dl, boxpu
Mike G12:45 Rx ugh... missed my previous pr by 8:04.. shoulder...
Kaitlin6:28  75th #85 kip hspu
Buster6:22 Rx
Briana8:26 Rx 12th
John T5:35  185# DL & ab mat hspu
Wanda8:00  75# flash push ups
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