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Thursday Dec 19,2013

PP, BBPU, BBLJ, BoB, BWS, DUCashout: 50 Walking LungesAWL: AWL 18.8Comp: COMP 12.19.13Other Posted Results


4 Minute AMRAP
  7 Push Press  Rx(165/105)
  9 Barbell Push-ups
  11 Barbell Lateral Jumps
1 Minute Rest
3 Minute AMRAP
  6 Push Press  Rx(165/105)
  8 Burpee Over Barbell
  10 Bodyweight Squats
1 Minute Rest
2 Minute AMRAP
  5 Push Press  Rx(165/105)
  20 Double Unders

Note: The idea is to have a very heavy push press. Challenge yourself!

0% 0%
1st114 Laura P Thu,Dec 19,2013
2nd163Julie Se Thu,Dec 19,2013
3rd159Kaitlin Thu,Dec 19,2013
1st108 Jamie S Thu,Dec 19,2013
2nd163John Re Thu,Dec 19,2013
3rd160Tripp Thu,Dec 19,2013

Lance H113  1st rnd rx then 135
Karen G112  75 lb
Jason C121  1rd 165# then 135lb remaining rds
Shane D84  135#
Ingrid103  65lbs
Jim E121  65lb push press, masters
Jim L126  65# pp
Julie Se163  75# push press, flash pushups after 1st round, and singles
Jamie S108 Rx
Mike G112  135# and singles (counting as 20) - right shoulder
Jessica Go110  55# pp knee pushups on barbell
Marissa132  55# pp, some dus, some du attempts
Leslie124  55, singles
Sharon G108  65#, knee pushups, singles (count as 20)
Laura P114 Rx yay!!!
Janet111  65#
Bobby S158  @95lb
Kaitlin159  #75
Kyle N128  135
John New117  135
Ronnie136  165 wt t2b for du's
John Re163  165 first 2 AMRAPs, 135 PP last AMRAP
Tom T146  135#
Tripp160  not there yet
Bennett126  135#
Robert S148  75# pp, 60 singles
Kathy N147  55# pp, knee barrel pu, 60 singles for DBU
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