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Thursday Dec 26,2013

Strength: BS: 5 x 5KB & PPComp: COMP 12.26.13AWL: AWL 18.9Other Posted Results

BS: 5 x 5

Strength: Weight
5 Rounds
5 Back Squats @ 75 - 85% of 1RM

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Chris O235 Rx
Jyl185 Rx
Lance H295 Rx
Karen G165 Rx 175 3 reps
Jim L105 Rx
Wanda65 Rx
Susan J65# Rx
Julie Se165 Rx
Marissa115 Rx
Tracy R140 Rx
Leslie95 Rx
Sharon G145 Rx PR! as much of a squat as my knees could do
John T265 Rx
Jamie S365 Rx
Jamie C205 Rx
Kathy N115 Rx
Nicole P125 Rx
Tom N275 Rx 305 for 2
Bobby S205 Rx
Kaitlin135 Rx 145 three reps
Beth J95 Rx 105 x4 then Scott had to help
Marlene165 Rx
Katie Ba105 Rx
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