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Thursday Dec 26,2013

Strength: BS: 5 x 5KB & PPComp: COMP 12.26.13AWL: AWL 18.9Other Posted Results

BS: 5 x 5

Strength: Weight
5 Rounds
5 Back Squats @ 75 - 85% of 1RM

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Chris O235 Rx
Angie F165 Rx
Jyl185 Rx
Lance H295 Rx
Karen G165 Rx 175 3 reps
Jim L105 Rx
Wanda65 Rx
Susan J65# Rx
Ann L150 Rx
Julie Se165 Rx
Marissa115 Rx
Tracy R140 Rx
Leslie95 Rx
Sharon G145 Rx PR! as much of a squat as my knees could do
John T265 Rx
Jamie S365 Rx
Jamie C205 Rx
Kathy N115 Rx
Andrew P205 Rx
Amanda A200 Rx
Nicole P125 Rx
Tom N275 Rx 305 for 2
Bobby S205 Rx
Kaitlin135 Rx 145 three reps
Beth J95 Rx 105 x4 then Scott had to help
Marlene165 Rx
Katie Ba105 Rx
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