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Friday Dec 27,2013

Gymversary Jamie C-2
Hero: Hero: BlakeAWL: AWL 18.9Comp,Team: Team: KBS, WB, BJ, Pullups, Pistols, MUOther Posted Results

Hero: Blake

Hero: Time-Rx3
4 Rounds
  100 ft Overhead Lunges  45/25
      Rx2: 25/10
      Rx3: Bodyweight
  30 Box Jumps 24/24
      Rx2: 20/18
      Rx3: Step-ups
  20 Wall Balls 20/14
      Rx2: 14/10
  10 Handstand Push-Ups
      Rx2: Plate + Mat
      Rx3: L-Sit DB Press

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TodayAll Time

Jyl30:24  20 inch bj hamstring injury
Glen G24:04 Rx
Chris O39:51  hand stand push-ups from box
Jim L13:27  masters 20# wb 12'bj, 25# lunge
Susan J15:15  Masters
Kaitlin22:15  #20bj, kip hspu, rest rx
Marissa28:34  rx except 18' bj and 2 45# plate hspu
Lisa S29:43  wbs & lunges RX, rest modified. 1st wod after being sick
Jessica Go37:42  flash pu, 18 box
Julie Se32:45  Hand stands
Shannon37:46  head stands, 2 rds weighted lunges, 2 rds NOT (shoulder) and 20' box
Janet30:30  18 in box jump, modified handstand push ups
Buster27:29 Rx
Tom N39:29 Rx hspu bite
Tom T33:08  25#+AbMt - HSPU
Kyle N30:40  45lb plate hspu
Joe P32:10 Rx
Nicole P33:11  20 FPU - everything else Rx
Bobby S32:34  ab mat and 45lb plate for hspu
Kathy N33:20 estimate  18 boxjump, 20 flashpu
Jamie C34:43 Rx
Briana24:44 Rx
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