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Monday Jan 6,2014

Gymversary Buster-2
Girl: FranComp: COMP 1.6.14Other Posted Results


Girl: Time-Rx3
  Thrusters 95/65
         Rx2: 65/45
         Rx3: 55/35
         Rx2: Band
         Rx3: Ring Rows

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Kyle N6:48 Rx 38th 11:30 1st
Debbi5:53  56th pu green band
Jason C4:40 Rx
Glen G4:57 Rx
Shane D6:04 Rx 29th
Jonell13:00  30 lb thruster, green band
Jerry C9:21  masters
Lance H11:53 Rx
Jim L7:12  45#
Susan J11:45  30# jmp pu
Julie Se8:12 Rx 1st time RX on Fran (2nd time ever doing it), shaved 2:23. Gotta learn to string PUs together
Tom T7:57 Rx
Blake L8:15 Rx 48th
Sharon G8:16  55#, gr band, PR by 4:48!!
Glen B6:54 Rx 39th
Katie Ba9:00  50#, purple band
Aleyda10:16  40 lbs
Marissa7:31  76th 50# thrusters, red and skinny black pups
Tracy R9:38  97th 55# thrusters, red and blue pups
Jessica Go10:58  107th 55# thrusters, green pu
John T8:00 Rx 45th
Amanda A7:15 Rx 11th 1st time RX on Fran!!!
Nate10:06 Rx 62nd
Briana9:50 Rx 20th disappointing time but at least its RX
Nathan J4:30 Rx 12th
John New4:47 Rx 15th
Bennett5:31 Rx 21st +co
Linda W5:45 Rx 6th
Tommy P11:40 Rx
Shannon8:15  45#bands. Went down in wt per Coach Dobson :)
Katie H9:04  94th #45 band pu
Joe P6:35 Rx 35th
Corey B5:18 Rx 20th
Ronnie3:12 Rx 4th
Laura P4:47 Rx 1st
Kylee14:06  120th purple band PU, 50#
Andrew P5:56 Rx 26th Pr
Tom N5:52 Rx 24th
Kaitlin7:57 Rx
Jamie S10:07  Green ban on pull up
Kathy N8:51  45b thruster, green pu
Neal14:55  113rd i'm fat
Jenn10:44  55lb and PU attempts...): thx Jamie
Jamie C10:43 Rx You're welcome Jenn, thanks for the encouragement!!!
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