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Tuesday Jan 7,2014

Team WOD 1 - Med BallTeam WOD 2 - Row, T2B, BurpeesMuscle-Up Workshop - 6:30pm

Team WOD 1 - Med Ball

12 min AMRAP - 2 Person Team
  20 Alternating Med Ball Sit-Ups
  20 Alternating Wall Balls Over Pull-Up Rack

Rx:  Guy/Guy 20#, Guy/Girl 14#, Girl/Girl 14#
Rx2/Masters (55+):  Guy/Guy 14#, Guy/Girl 10#, Girl/Girl 10#

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Jyl240  Alone. 20 wb 20 med ball sit-up. 6 rds. First day back from back inj. Ugh
Jamie S140 Rx Alone
Lisa S160  Alone
Nathaniel406 Rx w aaron
Marissa319  partnered with Scott, 14# med ball,
Sharon G320  10#, w/Jess
Jessica Go320  10#, w/mom
Craig H360 Rx w/Mike G
Tom N340 Rx wit kyle
Kyle N340 Rx with Tom N
Bennett380 Rx with Tom T
Kylee210 Rx
John New374 Rx w/Linda
Linda W374 Rx w/JFN
Ronnie350 Rx with Laura P
Laura P350 Rx With Ronnie
Tom T380 Rx w bennett
Nathan J408 Rx with Amanda
Buster369 Rx w Tommy
Will200  10# ball, 14# WB, by myself
Kathy N320  14 med ball, knee raises
Mike G360 Rx w/ Craig H.
Jenn318  w/Katie (: 10lb ball
Katie Ba318  knee ups, w/ jenn
Neal320  14# MB, Knee raises
Jamie C240 Rx W/Joe
Tommy P369 Rx W/ Buster
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