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Wednesday Feb 19,2014

Girl: HelenPerf: PERF 2.19.14Other Posted Results


Girl: Time-Rx3
For Time
3 Rounds
400m Run
21 KBS (American) 53/35
     Rx2: 35/26
     Rx3: 26/35
12 Pull-Ups
     Rx2: Strict Banded
     Rx3: Ring Rows

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TodayAll Time

Elise11:45  Green band pu
Debbi11:53  26kb redblu bnd pu
Dan E14:57 Rx 70 kb
Paul Br12:32  Banded Pull-ups
Katie Ba11:58  35 kb, banded pu's
Corey B8:49 Rx
Susan J18:46  green band 26-18-26 kb
Lance H14:17 Rx almost 3 min slower then last ughhhhh
Debi19:19  jump pu
Jim E13:25  blue band, 35lb kb
Jim L12:24  35kb
Jerry C16:30  Band
Becky15:42  Banded pu's
Jerry R16:56  ring rows; row; 20# kb
Wanda14:00  masters; assisted umping pull ups; row; 18# kb
Marissa13:43  red band pups
Mike G9:26 Rx SLOWER :(
Leslie12:48  green band pull-ups
Bryan R10:30  Red and blue band pull-ups
Janet12:47  red band pull ups
Jessica Go15:47  green red band, 1 round 35 rest 26
Gavin R12:02 Rx
Tom N10:54 Rx
Sharon G15:59  green/skinny red - PR!
Ryan F8:38 Rx 7 sec PR
Nicole P13:12 Rx
Ingrid12:20 Rx
Tom T11:54  row in place of run - knee issue
Buster10:02 Rx
Christopher15:06  pu,53lb kb
Will15:50  35# kb, 2 green bands
Marlene14:30  Row, 35#, gree band
Beth J15:35  Red band pu
Damian14:27  Row, green band, 26# kb
Kathy N16:12  Green band pu
Tracy R14:17  blue, black skinny band pups
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