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Wednesday Feb 26,2014

Overhead Squat 1RMRow Pulls and DeadliftPerf: PERF 2.26.14

Overhead Squat 1RM

A. PVC Pass Throughs
    10 Buddha Stretch
    10 Push Aways
    10 Sky Reaches
    5 Overhead Squats with PVC
C. 2 Rounds (Slow Tempo)
    25 ft Duck Walk
    25 ft 3 Leg Bear Crawl

Barbell Drills
A. 1 Round (Snatch Grip)
    5 Back Rack Strict Press
    5 Back Rack Push Jerk
    5 Overhead Squats
B. 3 Rounds (Build up)
    4 Kang Squats
    4 Sots Press -or- Overhead Squat

Establish a 1RM Overhead Squat
*Athletes may jerk the bars overhead from the back rack position in the squat rack

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Paul Br45# Rx 24th
Wendy35 Rx 16th
Dan E265 Rx 1st
Nate100 Rx 19th
Bobby K135 Rx 14th
Glen G115 Rx 16th Yeah, 15 more lbs than Angie... :0
Julie Se115 Rx 5th .
Lisa S100# Rx 7th
Susan J35 Rx 16th
Jamie S225 Rx 5th
John P95 Rx 20th
Shannon65# Rx 11th just can't get locked out
Courtney D45 Rx 15th
Marissa50 Rx 14th
Shane D165 Rx 11th PR!
John Re245 Rx More next time!
Kaci135 Rx
Destiny30lb Rx 17th need to build strength
Bryan B205 Rx
Kyle N145 Rx 13th New PR
Nathan J175 Rx
Kylee45# Rx 15th
Will45# Rx 24th
Buster205 Rx 8th
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