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Friday Apr 11,2014

Clean + Jerk 1RMBig Clean Complex EMOMSU, BWS, BE AWL: Pre-Game 1Perf: PERF 4.11.14Comp: COMP 4.11.14Signiture: DIANEOther Posted Results

Clean + Jerk 1RM

Establish 1 rep max Clean + Jerk
(Squat Clean or Power Clean)

*Press Out is a No Rep

100% 0%
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Dan E265 Rx 2nd
Michael I135 Rx
Daniel R185 Rx 13th
Wendy90 Rx 17th new PR
Angie F120 Rx 11th
Nate185 Rx 13th
Michele105 Rx 14th
Lance H195 Rx 12th
Jonell55 Rx 24th
Kristi B55 Rx 24th
Becky55 Rx 24th
Jerry C65# Rx 24th
Jim E45# Rx 25th
Stan95 Rx
Wanda55# Rx
Tony65 Rx 24th
Jerry R65# Rx 24th
Gary L145 Rx 19th
Ann L65# Rx 22nd
Julie Se115 Rx skipped over my previous PR of 125 to go for new PR of 130 and failed
Ronnie205 Rx
Laura P115 Rx 12th
Mandy95 Rx 16th
Andrea O110# Rx 13th
Sharon G85 Rx Failed @ 90
Shannon95 Rx 16th lots of coaching thanks Scott!!!
Tom T205 Rx 11th PR
Jenn75# Rx Thx Coach Scott! yer AWESUM
Kathy C95# Rx 16th
John T205 Rx 11th
Katie H80 Rx 19th thanks for the push Craig
Jamie C125 Rx :(
Marlene85 Rx 18th
Brooke T115 Rx Failed at 120
Results Posted: 34