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Thursday Apr 17,2014

Happy Birthday Naima
Strength: Split Jerks 5 x 3STOH, BBBrP, KBS, GSPerf: PERF 4.17.14Comp: COMP 4.17.14Mobility & MaintenanceOther Posted Results

Split Jerks 5 x 3

Strength: Weight

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Elise105 Rx
Paul Br125# Rx
Erik115 Rx
Melissa S100 Rx
Nate165 Rx
Glen G165 Rx
Jamie S245 Rx sore back
Gary L135 Rx
Julie Se115 Rx got 120 for one, hit my chin going up for the second one
John P135 Rx one at 155
Jessica Go80 Rx
Kaci155 Rx 40# PR
Tommy P155 Rx
Bryan R165 Rx
Ronnie205 Rx
Lisa S90 Rx 95 for 2.5
Robert S145 Rx
Jesse D110 Rx
Mark H125 Rx
Jenn75 Rx
Tom N165 Rx
John Re245 Rx 255 x 2
Andrea O95 Rx
Sallie65# Rx at 1155 Perimeter - had to clean it first
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