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Monday May 26,2014

Hero: Murph

Hero: Time-Rx3
For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-Ups
200 Push-Ups
300 Body Weight Squats
1 Mile Run
*Wearing 20 lbs vest or body-armor (14lbs for women)

800 m Run
50 Pull-ups (Progressions)
100 Push-ups
150 Body Weight Squats
800 m Run

400 m Run
25 Pull-ups (Progressions)
50 Pushp-ups
75 Body Weight Squats
400 m Run

Partition the Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, and Body Weight Squats as needed.  Start and finish with run

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Nathan J48:27 Rx 20lb vest, rounds of 5/10/15
Sharon G73:30  Banded pullups, no vest
Jyl54:00  No weight vest
Amanda A45:28  no vest
Ryan M41:14 Rx With vest
Corey B44:56 Rx
Kaci43:34  No vest. 1st Murph!!
Melissa B81:00  no vest, jumping pullups, sandy push up & squats
William B81:00  some jumping pu's rest rx
Gillian81:00  no vest, jumping pullups, sandy pushups and squats
Nicole P56:34  No vest
Kaitlin61:10  First time:)
Tom N61:00 Rx Unpartitioned
Angie F44:16  No vest - 5,10,15
Ronnie53:27 Rx Unpartitioned
Janet70:38  No vest, first Murph
Lisa S56:03  No vest; banded pull-ups. 1st time!
Bobby S1:02:00 Rx 5/10/15
Laura P55:34 Rx Vest20# , 10-20-30
Bryan B42:58 Rx Vest/10-20-30
Scott Sy57:23 Rx 20# vest, unpartitioned
Mike G51:32 Rx 20# ruck... first time RX :) - 10-20-30
John New50:45 Rx Vest with plate + LBV with weights, partitioned: 5, 10, 15
Nate45:10  no vest
Marissa70:38  No vest, skinny red band pups (a few rounds no band), first murph
Beth J49:00  1 mile run, 5-10-15 (x10) then 1 mile run. My 1st Murph
Julie Se66:00  No vest, partitioned, all else RX. Note to self, next year don't do 130 flash PU's before you realize they're regular!
Andrew P42:20  no vest, partitioned 5/10/15
Craig H57:08 Rx Vest 20#; 5,10,15
Tom T54:15  No vest. 5/10/15
Wanda41:13  1/2 murph. 5-10-15 grn bands
Jenn47:30  blue band 5/10/15
Jason C61:00 Rx
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