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Friday, Jun 6, 2014


Jerk 1RM

Max,Strength: Weight
Establish a 1 rep max
Jerk (Power or Spit) from the rack.

Chosen as WOD: Fri,Feb 17,2017 Wed,Aug 6,2014 Fri,Jun 6,2014
1st175 Amanda A Fri,Jun 6,2014
2nd165 Linda W Tue,Apr 15,2014
Christine H Fri,Feb 17,2017
3rd155 Angela Du Wed,Aug 6,2014
Kaci Fri,Jul 18,2014
1st295 Jamie S Wed,Aug 6,2014
2nd275 Gene Fri,Feb 17,2017
3rd250 Randall B Fri,Feb 17,2017

Melissa S110 Rx
Paul Br135 Rx
Angie F135 Rx 20# PR
Amanda A175 Rx
Gary L175 Rx
Melissa P65 Rx
Jim E75lb Rx
Stan85lbs Rx
Susan J50 Rx
Julie Se135 Rx failed at 140 bc I need to work on shorter dip and opening my hips in 2nd pull
Leslie15 Rx working on form
Sharon G90 Rx PR!
Kristi B50 Rx
Tammie100 Rx
Mike G165 Rx mobility in shoulders holding back form
Mariah120 Rx
Tom T205 Rx Pr
Claudia N70 Rx pr
Ingrid95 lbs Rx pr
Kathy C100lb pr Rx
Jamie S275 Rx
Results Posted: 21
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