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Thursday Jun 12,2014

AMRAP C&J, BJOPerf: PERF 6.12.14Mobility & Maintenance


10 Minute Time Cut-Off
  Buy in: 400m Run
            40 Walking Lunges
            30 Sit-Ups
            20 Flash Push-Ups
            10 Burpees

then, AMRAP of:
  5 Clean & Jerks  Rx(135/95) Rx2(95/65)
  10 Box Jump Overs (24/20)  Rx2(Box Jumps 24/20)

score is total reps in AMRAP

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Melissa S17  20 bx su
Debbi110  45# bar
Billy32 Rx
Lance W20 Rx
Glen G47 Rx EMOM @ Alpha
Janet17 Rx2 rx2 on clean and jerks, 20 in box jump overs
Julie Se19 Rx EMOM Alpha (95#)
Makenzie 55# clean and jerks emom @ charlie for 2 and the beta for the final 3
Jamie SRx
Mike G32 Rx
Sallie29 Rx2 at Perimeter :)
Mariah37 Rx2
Tammie19  65lb; 12in box
Katie Ba30  55#, 12 bjo's
Bryan B56 Rx
Kaci48 Rx 95# emom
Jenn18 Rx2 18in
Jeremy He30 Rx
Jeff Hel20 Rx2
Bryan R28 Rx2 Box step overs
Robert S19 Rx2
Jamie C20 Rx2
John New45 Rx
Kathy N20  55 lb clean&jerk, 12' box jump overs
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