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Tuesday Jun 17,2014

DL & DU...then WB & SUPerf 6.17.14Mobility & MaintenanceOther Posted Results

DL & DU...then WB & SU

1)  EMOM16
  Odd:  6 Deadlifts (scale as necessary)
  ...60 sec rest
  Even:  AMRAP Double-Unders  
                          Rx2(DU Practice)                    
  ...60 sec rest

2)  For time:
  40 Wall Balls  (20/14)  
  40 Sit-Ups
  30 Wall Balls
  30 Sit-Ups
  20 Wall Balls
  20 Sit-Ups
  10 Wall Balls
  10 Sit-Ups

Score is time to complete wall ball/sit-up WOD.

0% 0%
1st8:02 Christine L Tue,Jun 17,2014
2nd8:37 Brooke T Tue,Jun 17,2014
3rd8:42 Kaci Tue,Jun 17,2014
1st7:37 Glen G Tue,Jun 17,2014
2nd9:48 Bryan R Tue,Jun 17,2014
3rd9:59 Tom T Tue,Jun 17,2014

Melissa S9:07 Rx
Christine L8:02 Rx
Glen G7:37 Rx
Gary L11:47 Rx
Mike G10:01 Rx
Kaitlin9:00 Rx
Sharon G14:43 Rx 135# dl, after mobility class
Kaci8:42 Rx 185# dl, 75 unbroken dus, 240 dus total
Julie Se11:03 Rx 185# DLs and DUs avg of 15 each min
Brooke T8:37 Rx 135lbs DL
Tammie11:38 Rx 115LBS DL
Tom T9:59 Rx 225# DL; wrk on DU
Destiny11:12 Rx 75lb dl, worked on du
Bryan R9:48 Rx
Janet11:26  115#EMOM ...wall balls suck
Kathy N14:45 Rx 105# DL, du attempts
Jenn8:43 Rx 115# DL. 7 DU
Marlene11:28  135# DL, du attempts, 14# wb
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