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JoseJan 29,2018
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Thursday Jun 26,2014

Anniversary Aprele-2 & Dale-2
Power Clean & RunPerf: PERF 6.26.14Mobility & Maintenance

Power Clean & Run

1 Round For Time
  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Power Cleans  Rx(135/95)
  200m Run after every set of PC.

0% 0%
1st16:47 Christine L Thu,Jun 26,2014
Kaci Thu,Jun 26,2014
2nd17:55 Laura P Thu,Jun 26,2014
3rd19:06 Nicole P Thu,Jun 26,2014
1st12:29 Cameron S Thu,Jun 26,2014
2nd12:45 Ronnie Thu,Jun 26,2014
3rd13:31 Nathaniel Thu,Jun 26,2014

Debbi18:53  40# bar
Wendy23:30  65#
Corey B15:16 Rx
Christine L16:47 Rx
Glen G15:06 Rx
Nathaniel13:31 Rx
Bryan R18:08 Rx
Jessica Go27:44  65#
Sharon G25:14  65#, worked on form
Laura P17:55 Rx cramp leg n back
Sallie23:06  65# - at Perimeter
Craig H16:12  not Rx, Did it at home; 220 m runs using map my run
John New15:54 Rx
Kaci16:47 Rx
Willie19:07  75#
Tammie24:28  65lb
Ronnie12:45 Rx
Kathy C21:23  75#
Kathy N19:56  65lb
Bryan B14:28 Rx
Mariah19:24  75# clean
Jenn18:03  65
Beth J19:20  65#
Nathan J14:28 Rx
Cameron S12:29 Rx
Josh L16:25 Rx
Andrew P18:19 Rx
Nicole P19:06 Rx
Tommy P21:35 Rx
Tom N16:16 Rx
Buster17:36 Rx
Denise17:23  45# clean
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