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JoseJan 29,2018
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Thursday Jul 3,2014

Happy Birthday vicki
Welcome Jeffrey & Shiela
Lunge, Sit-Up, Squat Jump, BurpeePerf: PERF 7.3.14Mobility & MaintenanceOther Posted Results

Lunge, Sit-Up, Squat Jump, Burpee

20 Minute AMRAP
  20 Walking Lunges  
  20 Sit-Ups
  20 Squat Jumps to 6'' Target target)
  20 Burpees

(Full depth squat then jump to bar that is 6'' overhead.  Both hands must hit overhead)

*Score is total number of reps

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Shiela240  3' JUMP
Willie240 Rx
Glen G406 Rx
Julie Se381 Rx
Marissa293 Rx
Tracy R294 Rx
Leslie320 Rx
Brooke T388 Rx
Jeff Hel360 Rx
Denise350 Rx
Shannon285 Rx
Bobby S362 Rx
Amelia310 Rx
Melissa S311 Rx
Alec492 Rx
Jeffrey220 Rx
Robert S370 Rx
Angela Du515 Rx
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