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Tuesday Jul 8,2014

Max,Strength: Hang Clean 1 Rep MaxBrP, C2B, RD, BJOPerf: PERF 7.8.14Mobility & MaintenanceTiger BloodOther Posted Results

Hang Clean 1 Rep Max

Max,Strength: Weight
1 Rep Max Hang Clean

0% 0%
1st150 Kaci Tue,Jul 8,2014
2nd135 Nicole P Tue,Jul 8,2014
3rd130 Julie Se Tue,Jul 8,2014
1st285 John Re Tue,Jul 8,2014
2nd225 Jamie S Tue,Jul 8,2014
3rd195 Tom T Tue,Jul 8,2014

Glen G175 Rx not the best of form
Bryan R185 Rx
Gary L155 Rx
Julie Se130 Rx
John P175 Rx
Tammie95 Rx
Destiny75lb Rx
Melissa S105 Rx
Leslie65lbs. Rx
John Re285 Rx Almost got away from me...
Jamie S225 Rx
Brooke T125 Rx
Nicole P135 Rx
Kaci150 Rx
Tom T195 Rx Failed with 205
Briana125 Rx
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