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JoseJan 29,2018
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Tuesday Jul 15,2014

Happy Birthday Charles D & Dave & Sherri
Welcome Terry
Hero: RoyPerf: PERF 7.15.14Mobility & MaintenanceOther Posted Results


Hero: Time
5 Rounds:
  15 Deadlifts  Rx(225/135)
  20 Box Jumps  Rx(24/20)
  25 Pull-ups

0% 0%
1st20:49 Laura P Tue,Jul 15,2014
2nd17:55Kathy N Tue,Jul 15,2014
3rd28:37Marlene Tue,Jul 15,2014
1st19:10 John Re Tue,Jul 15,2014
2nd24:43 Craig H Tue,Jul 15,2014
3rd28:09 Glen G Tue,Jul 15,2014

Laura P20:49 Rx
Janet35:44  95#DL, hands ripped on 4th round, finished w/ring rows
Bryan R27:18  135#DL, box step ups, sub burpees for pullups
Jamie S41:24  135#DL, 20''step ups, banded pull ups
Jamie C35:19  135#DL, ripped in 5th round finished w/ring rows
Tracy R35:08  95#DL, 2rnds banded pull ups, 3rnds ring rows
John Re19:10 Rx Pretty tough WOD. Thank you for your service SGT. Roy!
Destiny32:09  75#DL, 20' BJ, Green band PU,
Julie Se30:55  1st 2 rounds RX, last 3 rounds RX except jumping pullups bc of tear
Glen G28:09 Rx You crushed it today John. Well done!!!
Cindy H34:32  green banded pull-ups for 3 rounds and then jumping pull-ups and 12 inch box and 75lb deadlift
John P37:45  155# DL
Jenn31:49  95# DL, GRN BAND STRICT PUs
Ingrid32:15  jumping pu's last rnd
Charles D38:46 Rx OFR!!!
Craig H24:43 Rx
Kathy N17:55  3 rnds; 95# dl, 18'' bj; green band pu
Terry16:15  3 rnds; 95# dl, 12'' bj; green + red band pu
Marlene28:37  135#DL,18' Step Ups,G/R band
Results Posted: 19