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JoseJan 29,2018
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Thursday Jul 17,2014

Happy Birthday Aaron W
Crazy 8PERF 7.17.14Mobility & Maintenance

Crazy 8

8 Rounds, 8 Reps Per Movement
  Box Jumps  Rx(24/20)  
  Flash Push-Ups
  Kettlebell Swings  Rx(70/53) RX2(53/35)
  Good Mornings
  Sumo Deadlift High Pulls  Rx(70/53) RX2(53/35)
  Bodyweight Lunges

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TodayAll Time

Aleyda27:58  26#KB
Willie32:37  35#KB
Glen G26:00 Rx
Laura P23:57 Rx
Kaitlin25:48 Rx2 44#KB
Mike G28:08 Rx2 low back -- working recovery
Janet31:10 Rx2 35#KB
Gary L33:10 Rx2 Rnds 1-6 @53#KB, rnds 7+8 @44#KB
Marissa34:40  35# KB, 18''box
Tracy R34:41 Rx2 35# KB
Julie Se28:31 Rx2 Did this wod at home, 15 inch box was the highest box I had and a choice between 50 or 70# kb, so swung 50
Kyle N28:38 Rx
Denise29:55  26# kb
Shane D37:16 Rx2 1/2 RX
Shannon41:15 Rx2 ugh
Mariah27:24 Rx2
Terry31:56  12' bj; 26# kb
Kathy N33:15  18' box;26 kb
Jamie C32:33  44#KB
Marlene29:29  18'box Step up; 35# kb
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