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JoseJan 29,2018
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Thursday Jul 24,2014

Strength: Box Squats330 Abdominals!Perf: PERF 7.24.14Mobility & MaintenanceOther Posted Results

Box Squats

Strength: Weight

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Billy245 Rx
Lance W215 Rx
Aaron F275 Rx
Christine L175 Rx
Hunter255 Rx
Gary L225 Rx
Leslie90 Rx
Sallie95# Rx 4 at 105#
Claudia N125 Rx
Tracy R130 Rx
Marissa115 Rx
Destiny75lb Rx
Aleyda75# Rx
Willie135 Rx
Nicole P125 Rx
Ingrid125lbs Rx
Kaitlin155 Rx
Laura P185 Rx 205 3 times
Mariah45,75,85,95,105 Rx
Kathy N95 Rx 3 times on last set
Andrew P225 Rx
Briana150 Rx 155 3 times
Beth J95 Rx
Results Posted: 23