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JoseJan 29,2018
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Tuesday Jul 29,2014

Happy Birthday Randi & Allison G
Row, Thrusters, Double-UndersPerf: PERF 7.29.14Mobility & MaintenanceOpen TestOther Posted Results

Row, Thrusters, Double-Unders

For Time:
   Row 1000 Meters
  immediately followed by,
   3 Rounds of:
     15 Thrusters  Rx(95/65)  Rx2(65/45)
     30 Double-Unders  Rx2(90 Singles)

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1st14:45Melissa S Tue,Jul 29,2014
2nd15:20Marlene Tue,Jul 29,2014
3rd15:42Julie Se Tue,Jul 29,2014
1st9:44 Aaron F Tue,Jul 29,2014
2nd9:52 Alec Tue,Jul 29,2014
3rd11:54 Billy Tue,Jul 29,2014

Billy11:54 Rx
Aaron F9:44 Rx
Bryan R14:05 Rx
Gary L17:10  73#thrusterss; singles
Aleyda17:35  45 first rnd of thrst 35 2 rnd JR singles
Jamie S21:42 Rx
Lance W15:15  Singles
Julie Se15:42  DU attempts, but most were actual DU's . 65# thrusters, 4:39.6 1000m row,
John Re15:00  90-45# plate step ups instead of DU....(injured foot)
Destiny19:20  5:47.7 1000m row, singles
Cindy H20:00  35lb thruster 30 double under attempts
Leslie23:54  45lb thrusters du att
Alec9:52 Rx
Melissa S14:45  45#, singles
Katie Ba16:23  45#, du's
Jeff Hel17:58  rx2
Terry8:20  800m row; 45lb thruster; 40 single j rope
Beth J19:27  DU's, 45#
Marlene15:20  Rx2 4:542 row , 45lb thruster, singles
Results Posted: 19