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Wednesday Aug 6,2014

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MFFL WOD 2Max: Back Squat 1RMMax,Strength: Jerk 1RMMax: Deadlift 1RMMax: Bench Press 1RMPerf: PERF 8.6.14Other Posted Results


“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother”
  The athlete will have 5 minutes to achieve a 1RM for each of the following lifts:
    Back Squat
    Shoulder To Overhead (Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk or Split Jerk)
    Bench Press (butt on the bench, feet on the floor,  touch chest with bar and lift)

Athlete will be allowed 3 attempts at each lift.  Following each 5 minute lift period, there will be a 5 minute rest period before the next max lift is attempted. The lifts must be attempted in the order listed above.

(This Workout will not have any scaled differentiation for gender or age.)

0% 0%
1st815 Laura P Wed,Aug 6,2014
2nd810 Kaci Wed,Aug 6,2014
3rd745 Linda W Wed,Aug 6,2014
1st1575 Bryan B Wed,Aug 6,2014
2nd1540 Jamie S Wed,Aug 6,2014
3rd1180 Tom N Wed,Aug 6,2014

Wendy520 Rx 150, 85, 200, 85
Angie F625 Rx @ Etowah: 185/135/210/95
Jim L600 Rx 140, 105, 250, 105
Lance H1070 Rx 295; 185; 405; 185
Debbi265 Rx
Jim E600 Rx
Tony600 Rx
Jerry R420 Rx
Jonell300 Rx
Wanda305 Rx
Mike G1000 Rx 285, 195, 315, 205
Julie Se650 Rx 185 bs (PR), 135 jerk, 225 dl (PR), 105 BP (PR)
Jamie S1540 Rx 455,295,455,335
Susan J370 Rx
Gary L970 Rx
Laura P815 Rx BS 230; BP 155; DL 295; S2O 135
Jessica Go445 Rx
Sharon G475 Rx
Kaci810 Rx 235 bs, 165 s2o, 285 dl, 125 bp
Tom N1180 Rx 305,245,395, 235
Mariah565 Rx
Tammie485 Rx
Ingrid500 Rx
Bryan B1575 Rx 385 squat, 295 jerk, 520 DL, 375 bench
Linda W745 Rx BS 225; S2O 155; DL 250; BP 115
Destiny340 Rx 65 S2O, 115 DL, 55 BP, 105 BSQAUT
Brooke T660 Rx BS 165, PJ 135, DL 245 (PR), BP 115
Melissa S595 Rx 145, 105, 215, 130 (PR BP)
Beth T180 Rx S2O 35, DL45, BP45, BS55
Tom T1030 Rx Bench 245,back sq 295, jerk 175, DL 315
Nathan J1105 Rx 300 squat, 205 jerk, 225 bench, 375 dead
Jeffrey700 Rx
Dave450 Rx
Christine L575 Rx
Glen G1030 Rx
Beth J440 Rx
Marlene480 Rx 185,85,115,95
Jamie C795 Rx
Angela Du695 Rx 185bs,155jerk,225dl,130 bp
Results Posted: 39