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JoseJan 29,2018
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Thursday Aug 14,2014

Happy Birthday Trevor
Run, BrPBJO, PP, T2B, BJPerf: PERF 8.14.14Max: Deadlift 1RMMobility & Maintenance

Run, BrPBJO, PP, T2B, BJ

For Time:  
  Run 400 Meters  
  20 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)  

When the clock reaches 6:00, complete the following…  

3 Rounds for Time:  
  12 Push Press (95/65)  
  12 Toes to Bar  

When the clock reaches 12:00, complete the following…  

3 Rounds for Time:  
  200m Run  
  10 Box Jumps (24/20)  

When the clock reaches 18:00, complete the following…  

For Time:  
  Run 400 Meters  
  20 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)

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1st22:02 Kaci Thu,Aug 14,2014
2nd23:29 Mandy Thu,Aug 14,2014
3rd23:46 Mariah Thu,Aug 14,2014
1st20:45 Nathaniel Thu,Aug 14,2014
2nd21:26 Bryan B Thu,Aug 14,2014
3rd21:57 Aaron F Thu,Aug 14,2014

Aleyda24:43  35lb
Willie23:57 Rx
Mandy23:29 Rx
Kaci22:02 Rx
Marissa23:41  45# pp, 12 in bjovers, 18 in bjs
Mariah23:46 Rx
Julie Se23:58  Rx2, rx until round 3, didn't get the 3rd round of 200m and 10 box jumps in before 18 min mark
Sallie22:21  50#pp, subbed v-ups for T2B couldn't get near one and only PU bar today :( at Perimeter
Tommy P24:30  RX2
Bryan B21:26 Rx
Katie Ba23:50  65pp, knee raises, 18 bj
Bobby S22:40 Rx
Aaron F21:57 Rx
Nathaniel20:45 Rx
Beth J23:25  All RX except 45#pp
Kathy N24:59  55# PP, knee raises, 12'' BBJO
Claudia N22:10  50 pp, 18 box, 2 rounds knee raises, 2 rounds of box step ups
Bryan R23.26  Step ups
Denise24:04  12' brpbjo, 45# pp, 18' bj, questionable t2b, ran extra ~200M
Marlene22:26  200m,18' box, 65# pp, Row,Knee raises, step ups
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