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Friday Aug 29,2014

Happy Birthday Melissa S & Mike D
Strength: HS: 5 x 310 to 1PERF 8.29.14Comp: COMP 8.29.14

HS: 5 x 3

Strength: Weight
5 Rounds
3 Unbroken Hang Snatch
-Rest 2:00 Between Rounds

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Wendy55 Rx
Angie F75 Rx Need to work on form
Susan J30 Rx wrkd form not wgt
Jamie S155 Rx Worked on form
Jamie C75 Rx Form needs more work
Glen G115 Rx w/decent form; 135 for 2 reps
John Re155 Rx
Destiny35 Rx
Ronnie135 Rx
John P105 Rx
Buster135 Rx
Denise35# Rx
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