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JoseJan 29,2018
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Wednesday Oct 15,2014

Welcome Thomas H
Strength: Split Jerks 5 x 3HSPU and Weighted Jumping LungesPerf: 100 Rounds - HSPU, SC, BrPOther Posted Results

Split Jerks 5 x 3

Strength: Weight

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Wendy85 Rx pr
Kristi B50# Rx
Tony45# Rx
Wanda55# Rx
Jerry R25# Rx
Susan J55# Rx
Julie Se120 Rx
Jamie S225 Rx
Sallie45 Rx
Denise55 Rx
Buster240 Rx PR
Kaci170 Rx 15#PR
Mariah115 Rx 75,95,105,115,120 twice..dropped 2 separate times..weak legs today
Ashley Lo75 Rx
Marlene75 Rx
Terry45 Rx
Paul Br135 Rx
Kathy N75 Rx
Beth J75 Rx
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