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Friday Nov 21,2014

Gymversary Damien P-3 & Charles D-3
Hero: Hero: BlakeMasters: Blake - MastersPerf: PERF 11.21.14Comp: COMP 11.21.14

Hero: Blake

Hero: Time-Rx3
4 Rounds
  100 ft Overhead Lunges  45/25
      Rx2: 25/10
      Rx3: Bodyweight
  30 Box Jumps 24/24
      Rx2: 20/18
      Rx3: Step-ups
  20 Wall Balls 20/14
      Rx2: 14/10
  10 Handstand Push-Ups
      Rx2: Plate + Mat
      Rx3: L-Sit DB Press

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Angie F23:00 Rx
Glen G26:46 Rx oy vey!!!!
Ingrid25:12  abmat for hspu
Claudia N25:16  10# plate, 10# wb, 45# plate and abmat for hspu
Denise31:40  modified hspu
Aleyda31:09  10 walk lgs negtive hanstand push up
Willie32:40  hand stand with plate
Beth J32:05  RX except plate/ab mat HSPU
Jamie C33:16  BW lunges after 1.5 rds whew
Tom T27:35  no HSPU
Laura P24:07 Rx
Marlene24:27  18' box, 10# plate, headstands, 14# wb to 7'
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