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Friday Feb 20,2015

DU's, LungesMax: Back Squat 1RM

DU's, Lunges

200 Doube Unders  Rx2:600 Singles Mstr: 350 singles
Emom (each min on the min)  
10 step-back stationary Lunges

0% 0%
1st7:28 2Sallie Fri,Feb 20,2015
2nd7:49 2Christine H Fri,Feb 20,2015
3rd5:56Ellen Fri,Feb 20,2015
1st3:13 Jeff R Fri,Feb 20,2015
2nd4:54 Glen G Fri,Feb 20,2015
3rd5:42 Shane D Fri,Feb 20,2015

Paul Br10:00 Rx2
Jeff R3:13 Rx
Christine H7:49 Rx2
Shane D5:42 Rx
Susan J6:00  mstrs 350 singles 10 bws
Jim L6:46  mstr 350 singkes 10 sq
Stan7:25  350 singles
Jonell7:55  350 singles
Ellen5:56  masters
Willie9:55 Rx2 Singles
Sallie7:28 Rx2 coming back from the crud - at perimeter
Buster5:50 Rx
Glen G4:54 Rx Rx Elite
Jeffrey8:44 Rx2
Bobby S5:50 Rx Rx elite-Jumping Lunges
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