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JoseJan 29,2018
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Wednesday Mar 18,2015

Happy Birthday Gavin T
Welcome Levi & Shadia


Girl: Time-Rx3
For Time
3 Rounds
400m Run
21 KBS (American) 53/35
     Rx2: 35/26
     Rx3: 26/35
12 Pull-Ups
     Rx2: Strict Banded
     Rx3: Ring Rows

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TodayAll Time

Stephanie C18:36  Ring Rows (elbow)
Maggie14:14 Rx
Paul Br16:21 Rx
Levi22:00  Black Band, 18 lb Kettle bell
Shadia17:22  Black Band, 18 lb Kettle bell
Scott Shap10:32 Rx
Glen G10:24 Rx
Christine H15:42 Rx
Michele9:10 Rx
Mike G9:26 Rx
Jyl12:59 Rx
Ellen11:46  26# kb
Stan15:02  35#kb, ring rows
Jim L14:26  35#kb grn bnd pu
Susan J15:02  18#kb, 500m row, ring rows
Wanda17:49  18#kb, ring rows
Pat17:02  400 m run 18# kb ring rows
Jim E16:41  400m run, 35lb KB, pullups
Jonell18:09  18# KB 400 m run ring rows
Jerry R18:55  26# kb, ring rows
Mandy12:09 Rx
Bryan R13:04 Rx
Katie Ba17:48 Rx pu's one at a time
Jamie S21:30 Rx
John New9:51 Rx
Denise13:40  row, 26# kb
Adrien13:31  26# kb, grn band last rd pu's
Marissa14:27 Rx No band!!!!
Buster10:55 Rx
Tommy P14:14 Rx
Janet12:31 Rx
Ingrid10:13 Rx
Melissa S14:07  rx kb, rr
Jessica Go14:40  26# kb green/red band
Julie Se12:51 Rx PR by 4 mins and 2 secs. My 2nd time on Helen, 1st time RX
Shannon14:??  ring rows--trying engage lats.
Terry12:30  35#kb, green band pull ups
Jeffrey11:25 Rx
Kathy N16:46  ring rows, 35kb
Beth J17:05 Rx
Christopher18:10  green band pull up, 53lbs kbs
Damian12:58  green band, 35#kb
Sallie13:11  30#kb, assisted strict pu's-at perimeter
Jamie C15:13 Rx
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