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Friday Jul 17,2015

Signiture: Cindy XXXSigniture: CINDY

Cindy XXX

Signiture: Reps-Rx2
20 min Ladder  
5 Pull-Ups        Rx2: Ring Rows
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats.  
This WOD is based on the Girl WOD Cindy Double the reps each round.
Round 2:
10 Pull-Ups    Rx2: Ring Rows
20 Push-Ups
30 Squats

  For starters, don't forget where you are as you move up the ladder (this is easy to do in this WOD).  Be sure to pace yourself from the start and focus on small sets as you ascend up the ladder.

  Pull-Ups - be sure your chin is over the bar on each rep and your arms are fully extended on the bottom.
  Push-Ups - arms need to be tight to your body and although these are not Flash Push-Ups, you will need to be sure your chest touches the ground on each rep and your arms are fully extended when upright.  Also be sure to extend in a plank, not 'worm' or 'snake'.
  Bodyweight Squats - be sure your hip crease dips below your knees on the bottom with your chest up high and fully extends on the upper part of the movement.

  Enter score as total number of reps

0% 0%
1st479 Ingrid Fri,Jul 17,2015
2nd390 Jyl Fri,Jul 17,2015
3rd344 Brittany Su Fri,Jul 17,2015
1st658 John Neg Fri,Jul 17,2015
2nd460 Jason C Fri,Jul 17,2015
3rd450 Zack Fri,Jul 17,2015

Shadia300 Rx2 ring rows
Melissa S359 Rx2
Stephanie C275 Rx2
Jessica B335  rx2 on pullups
Levi230 Rx
Randall B300 Rx
Jyl390 Rx
Jason C460 Rx
Glen G408 Rx
Scott Shap424 Rx working on butterfly pull ups
Jim L331  masters ..banded pull ups
Tony315  masters ..banded pull ups
Jeff W300 Rx working on squat depth
Lance H316 Rx
Tracy R265 Rx2 10 ring rows for very last pull ups
Brittany Su344 Rx
Jamie S265 Rx
Jamie C400 Rx
Sallie296 Rx2 assisted strict pull ups - at perimeter
Ingrid479 Rx working on getting chin above bar on butterfly pull ups
Zack450 Rx
John Neg658 Rx
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