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Tuesday Aug 11,2015

Team: Team: Row, LungesStrength: Split Jerks 5 x 2

Team: Row, Lunges

Team: Calories-Rx2
3 Person Team
15 min Time Cap
Partner #1 Row Max Calories
Partner #2 100 ft Overhead Lunges 45/25 (Rx2: 25/10)
Partner #3 Rest  

Partners rotate after completing each 100 ft Lunges

Score is total number of Calories Rowed

0% 0%
1st232 Ingrid Tue,Aug 11,2015
2nd217 Jyl Tue,Aug 11,2015
3rd207 Brittany Su Tue,Aug 11,2015
Katie Ba Tue,Aug 11,2015
1st232 Bill M Tue,Aug 11,2015
Mike G Tue,Aug 11,2015
2nd225 Daniel Ha Tue,Aug 11,2015
3rd217 Shane D Tue,Aug 11,2015
Nathaniel Tue,Aug 11,2015

Billy120 Rx w/Shadia ...only 2 ppl (12mins)
Shadia120  w/Billy ...only 2 ppl (12mins)
Scott Shap171 Rx w/Jason Walker ...only 2 ppl (12mins)
Jason W171 Rx w/Scott ...only 2 ppl (12mins)
Glen G172 Rx w/Levi ...only 2 ppl (12mins)
Levi172 Rx2 w/Glen ...only 2 ppl (12mins)
Jyl217 Rx w/Shane & Nate M.
Shane D217 Rx w/Jyl & Nate M.
Nathaniel217 Rx w/Shane & Jyl
Mike G232 Rx w/Ingrid & Bill M.
Ingrid232 Rx w/Mike G. & Bill M.
Bill M232 Rx w/Mike G. & Ingrid
Brittany Su207 Rx w/Bryan R. & Katie
Bryan R207 Rx w/Britt S. & Katie
Katie Ba207 Rx w/Britt S. & Bryan R.
Jamie S182 Rx w/Michele G. & Britt W.
Michele182 Rx w/Jamie S. & Britt W.
Brittany W182  w/Michele G. & Jamie S.
John Neg193 Rx with Coach Jeff
Melissa S187 Rx w/tiffany & brittany
Marissa189 Rx
Aleyda196 Rx2
Lee196 Rx2
Caleb196 Rx
Daniel Ha225 Rx
Jessica Go225 Rx2
Tommy P184 Rx W/ Buster only 2 ppl
Buster184 Rx W Tommy ... only 2 ppl
Beth J153 Rx w/chris s.
Christopher153 Rx w/Beth F, only 2 ppl
Lacey169 Rx2 w/ Josie & Joey
Kathy N154 Rx w/ jeffery
Brittney Je187 Rx Melissa, Brittany
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