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Thursday Jan 28,2016

Gymversary Jim E-3
HSS 5 x 2Signiture: DIANE

HSS 5 x 2

5 Rounds
2 Hang Squat Snatch

Start light and rest 2 min between rounds

*Progressions: Hang Power Snatch and elevator down to comfortable Overhead Squat

0% 0%
1st85 Brittany Su Thu,Jan 28,2016
2nd75 Alexis Thu,Jan 28,2016
3rd45 Shadia Thu,Jan 28,2016
Maggie T Thu,Jan 28,2016
1st165 Jeff R Thu,Jan 28,2016
2nd135 Jeremy He Thu,Jan 28,2016
Zack Thu,Jan 28,2016
3rd105 Christopher Thu,Jan 28,2016

Joseph R95 Rx
Levi95 Rx
Alexis75 Rx needs work
Brittany Su85 Rx squat snatch got a little shaky at 85#
Shadia45 Rx
Lance H75 Rx
Jeremy He135 Rx
Zack135 Rx
Maggie T45# Rx working on form
Jeff R165 Rx
Christopher105 Rx working shoulder mobility
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