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Tuesday Mar 15,2016

Hero: JerryMax: Snatch 1RM


Hero: Time-Rx3
For Time
1,600 Run
2,000 m Row
1,600 m Run

800 m Run
1,000 m Row
800 m Run

400 m Farmer Carry  
1,000 m Row
400 m Med Ball Carry

0% 0%
1st27:47 Ingrid Tue,Mar 15,2016
2nd30:31 Suzanne Tue,Mar 15,2016
3rd30:34 Melissa S Tue,Mar 15,2016
1st22:22 John Neg Tue,Mar 15,2016
2nd25:12 Jeremy He Tue,Mar 15,2016
3rd25:14 Mike G Tue,Mar 15,2016

Melissa S30:34 Rx
Randall B28:51 Rx
Scott Shap25:51 Rx 8:34/16:49/True test of the hip flexor
Christine H31:25 Rx
Mike G25:14 Rx
Ingrid27:47 Rx
Lance H13:59 Rx2 recovery day
Jim E16:07 Rx2
Jim L15:26 Rx3
Kathy K22:27 Rx2
Jeremy He25:12 Rx
Bill M27:36 Rx
Suzanne30:31 Rx
Katie Ba32:33 Rx
Lauren S35:00 Rx finished right at time cap - rower was broken :(
Ryan M25:43 Rx
Shannon33:05 Rx
Shadia20:45 Rx2
John Neg22:22 Rx 6:06, 8:04, 7:36
Jessica Go28:58  ran a mile, rowed 2000, ran 800
Lou28:38  rowed 5200m
Bryan R27:11 Rx
Christopher13:52 Rx2 Bravo
Buster29:06 Rx
Josie18:56 Rx2 HIP PAIN
Willie29:01 Rx
Terry32:25 Rx
Levi27:23 Rx
Kathy N34:23 Rx NICE!!!!
Beth J34:18 Rx2 Ran 2 1/2 miles, rowed 1000m
Jamie C34:58 Rx
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