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Monday Apr 25,2016

Team: KBS, WB, BJ, Pullups, Pistols, MU

Comp,Team: Time-Rx2
As a team of 2 with only one team member working at a time, perform the following for time:
  200 KBS  53/35          Rx2: 35/26
  150 Wall Balls  20/14  Rx2: 20/14
  100 Box Jumps 24/20 Rx2: 20/18
  50 Pull-Ups                Rx2: Progressions
  24 Alternating Pistols  Rx2: 50 Tandum Squats
  10 Muscle Ups            Rx2: 50 Dips

Run 200m after completing each set of exercises

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Kathy K36:58 Rx2 36:58 w/Cindy
Cindy E36:58 Rx2 w/ Kathy
Randall B31:10  No partner, 50 reps of each
Jyl29:50 Rx with Glenn the beast
Melissa S30:43  all rx2 w/step ups, w/ryan (rx!)
Blake M28:10 Rx2 W/ Lori. Dips and BW Squats
Ryan M30:43 Rx w/melissa
Shane D33:35 Rx2 dips, squats, dips, all else rx
Brian H33:35 Rx2 Jumping P/U
Ellen27:59  18#kb,10#wb,,rr,squats,dipsw/Jim
Jim E27:59  RKBS,WBSQ,stepo ups, ring rows, squats, PU,w/sc
Susan J31:28 Rx2 w/ awesome Jeff
Jeff W31:28 Rx2 w/ super Susan :), pull ups
Jim L34:2826#kb,step ups. 14#wb,box dips  see above
Mimi31:58 Rx2 Super Sue partner
Suzanne31:58 Rx2 Magnificent Michele
Jamie C35:15 Rx2 W/ Bryan Roach; 53# KBS
Tommy P29:57 Rx2 W/ Buster
Lauren S32:26 Rx2 all Rx except wall balls and muscle ups
Brooke H32:22 Rx2 ring rows, box dips,
Janet29:45 Rx2 rx most of it, with Tracy
Linda W31:54 Rx2 w/JFN ...35#kbs/14#wb/20''step up/pull up/pistols/box dips
John New31:54 Rx2 w/Linda ...53#kbs/20#wb/24''step up/pull up/pistols/bar MUs
Maggie T32:44 Rx2 w/Bobby
Lauren Y29:09 Rx2 w/Ryan RX
Ryan H29:09 Rx With Lauren
Rebekah E37:15 Rx2 KBS 35, WB 14 with Levi
Levi37:15 Rx with Rebekah
Bobby S32:44 Rx2 Box pistols with Maggie
Terry31:30 Rx2 w Jeff
Jeffrey31:30 Rx2 w Terry
Josie41:23 Rx2 3 tm w/kathy and beth
Damien A33:24 Rx2
Kathy N41:23 Rx2 36kb, 14wb, 18bjump, bpu, squats
Oscar42:45 Rx2 OER pull ups: progression row ups. Tadum squats and box dips. With Gabby pull ups, tandum squats,BD
Glen G29:50 Rx With Jyl
Buster29:57 Rx2
Beth J41:23 Rx2 All RX except JMU
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