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Wednesday May 4,2016

Signiture: CINDYMax: Front Squat 1RMBoot Camp: BC, DK, BR, BD, KBS


Signiture: Rounds-Rx3
20 min Amrap
  5 Pull-Ups     Rx2: Bands   Rx3: Rings
  10 Push-Ups (Flash)  
  15 Squats

*Score is total number of completed Rounds

50% 50%
TodayAll Time

Melissa S15  50th rx3
Randall B12 + 5 Rx 41st
Jyl21+1 Rx
Glen G22 +10 Rx 6th 1 mile cash out w Jyl
Brandi12  58th RX2
Ryan M17 + 5 Rx
Jeff W12+12 Rx 39th
Susan J11 + 15  59th Rx3
Lance H11 +5 Rx
Ellen13  55th Rx3
Margaret 72nd RX2
Willie14 Rx 32nd
Silver-Leigh11+5 Rx 26th
Sandra O14 +20 Rx2 32nd banded PU
Shadia10+12  64th banded PU's
Mike G22 + 4 Rx 7th
Bryan R15+1 Rx
Holly TRx3 42nd
Scott Shap18 +5 Rx 19th the welcome back fu from 2 weeks off
vickiRx3 41st 3 rounds w/assisted pull up machine
DaleRx3 43rd
Lauren Y11 Rx3 38th
Ryan H20 Rx 15th
Christopher10 Rx2 51st grn bnd
Gene15 Rx
Josie11 Rx2 33rd bands
Suzanne16 banded pull ups/800 mtr Rx2
Jenny DRx3 40th
Cindy T10 Rx3 39th
Kathy N12 Rx3 37th 1300M row
Oscar11 Rx2 50th 400 m Rin cash out
Buster18 Rx
Beth J12 Rx 23rd
John Neg27 Rx 1st
Jamie C13  With armor tho
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